Get Exited!

Each new class that rolls out will have special pricing in the month it is launched. Keep an eye out for these upcoming courses you are sure to ENJOY!

  • Holistic Clinical Nutrition - An in-depth look at FOOD AS MEDICINE!

  • Introduction to Homeopathy - The complete HOW TO on this effective healing tool!

  • Outward Signs of Inward Problems - Learning to listen to what the body is SHOWING US!

  • Balancing Your Cycle - A deep dive into how you can BALANCE YOUR CYCLE NATURALLY!

  • Your Beautiful Pregnancy - A step-by-step guide for a HEALTHY PREGNANCY!

  • Your Beautiful Birth - The ultimate guide to having the BIRTH OF YOUR DREAMS!

  • Naturally Healthy Children- A gentle guide to RAISING A NATURALLY HEALTHY FAMILY!

  • .... AND SO MUCH MORE!

Practitioner's Courses

These classes are specialized and for the advanced learner.

Dr. Helen has been a professional instructor at the college level since 2017.  She has an amazing talent for reaching new depth in the field of natural health and she would like to share it with those wanting to dive deep!

These are just a few courses that will be delivered this year!